20 more days until we’re in Seattle. I can’t wait for our adventure up there! I love him.


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Hunter S. Thompson.

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Me by Rules

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Flowers thrown into a dumpster in Greenwood Cemetery, NY

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I’m going to miss my best friend, Chelsea.
Days like these won’t be so easy.

I found my store in Seattle! We found a cute house that we’re checking out and there’s only 24 more days left here for us! I can’t wait for us to start our new life up there. I can’t wait to see these new places and meet these new people.


  We found our apartment today. We got it and we’re sending our deposit in, to secure the place. I’m very excited. Now all I have to worry about finding the store I’m going to. I’ve called so many stores and it’s so difficult getting a hold of the manager or even a direct answer from one. I’ve already filled out applications for other companies anyways, to find a 2nd job up there.

As time keeps passing by and May keeps getting closer I’m realizing who actually matters. How people are reacting to this, I’m not that much surprised.  Of course my family is sad and happy for me, for the most part, but I don’t like that my sister has such little faith in me and doesn’t believe I can make it out there on my own. She has things to say to my dad, that she can’t say to me. But I’ve come to turns with that and I can’t wait to forget mostly everyone from here. Except my whole family (those who are not negative about it) , Chelsea & Brian, and a few other people that, sadly, I haven’t gotten to see in a year. With that being said I can’t wait to meet and make more friends. Just a few genuine and understanding people.

Wedding photos.

I love you.

I can’t wait until we find our apartment. I’m getting very anxious.
I love him.

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Anyone from Seattle? My boyfriend and I are moving there soon, near the University District, I’d love to talk to and meet you!