I have no idea what I’m doing… ….

Oh my god.


Margherita Pizza Grilled Cheese

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I wish my friends and family would move to Seattle. It’s so great guys.


Someone come hangout and smoke with me in Washington.


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I’ve only been here for 2 weeks and I’ve been working all the time. I need friends or a friend in Seattle, to go out and explore everything with! Anyone want to hangout? Let me know!

I love it when we quote Quentin Tarantino movies to each other.


We’ve been in Seattle now for 2 weeks. It doesn’t seem that long after moving across the country and trying to get settled in our new apartment. Everything is coming together. I can’t wait to get it all set up and have new friends over. I also can’t wait to go out and explore.

We’re in Seattle! We’ve been here for 5 days now and love it! Also, we finally have internet.


We got our apartment! I’m sosososo happy!
We leave so soon and everything is falling into place. I can’t wait to be there already. With that said, who’s from Seattle? I’d love to meet new people!


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8 more days until we leave for Seattle

20 more days until we’re in Seattle. I can’t wait for our adventure up there! I love him.


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